Project Commercials

Area sq.’ provides commercial & contractual expertise to the construction industry worldwide, from project inception until completion and settlement of the final account.

Our services are of value to developers, contractors, consultancy & management firms as well as insurance companies and funding agencies. Our consultants provide the expertise to effectively manage today’s complex projects, through all aspects of the preconstruction, construction and post-construction phases.

We provide objectivity and independent assessments for all clients; working within the team environment that is essential in the successful completion of all construction projects.

Area sq. offers a wide range of services associated with this industry, including:

  • Contractual and commercial advice from tender stage to project completion
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Preparation of claims and dispute resolution
  • Defending claims and facilitating amicable settlements
  • Representation in adjudication, mediation, and arbitration, including acting as an expert witness