Our mine design consulting capabilities stretch across the full mining and civil industry sphere, it encompasses both surface and underground methodologies for a multitude of commodities. Our areas of expertise encompass:

  • Open pit and underground works
  • Mine layouts suited to the orebodies presented
  • Geotechnics and Rock mechanics.
  • Environmental studies
  • Optimisation
  • Logistics and Fleet selection
  • Plant & equipment supply

Our on board consultants have numerous years of first hand mining and operational experience, with extensive experience in mine planning, and are well positioned to furnish innovative solutions to the mining industry. The diversity and extent of our specialist consultants range from Mine Design engineers to Mine managers an Planners giving us the full array and understanding of how to marry theory with practice and produce a mine design which is rigorous and flexible enough to accommodate fluctuations in commodity prices by optimising, fleet, capital and operating expenditures to suit.

In Mine design we focus on the understanding the full the entire mining context and emphasise determining the techno-economic limits of extracting ore from the orebody and concentrate on optimising the design, sequencing of events, the infrastructure and production schedules from inception to feasibility stage and post feasibility for mine optimisation purposes .

Our array of independent consulting are well versed with the life cycle of a mine and have the capacity to assist with design and offering sound advice in the following areas:

  • Resource definition
    • Target identification
    • Exploration
    • Resource estimate
  • Project evaluation
    • Concept/scoping
    • Pre-feasibility
    • Feasibility
  • Mine Construction Phase
    • Detailed design
    • Project execution
    • Operational readiness
  • Mine Production Phase
    • Build up
    • Steady State
  • Mine Closure
    • Production decline
    • Rehabilitation and closure

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the mining world on an international level, brands Area-square as a specialised mining consultancy company offering our clients sound mining advice that is independent and the ideal technical partner for studies and optimisation exercises.

Our success comes from understanding the value chain, team integration and consistency in the application of design criteria which take into account safety , productivities, in country availability of skills, orebody geometries, rock mass properties, availability of equipment, grade controls without losing focus on the economics of extracting the orebody as economically as possible.

Area-square in association with several creditable organisations enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions to that will meet our client’s needs.