Our Projects

Brief summary of the major projects that Area sq or its directors have been involved in over the years. Area sq consulting provides independent and proprietary advice to local and global mining companies as well as to suppliers to the mining and metals industry. We also have a small footprint in the construction industry which we are focusing to expand

Modder East – Gold 1

Gold One’s flagship operation is the Modder East mine; the first new mine to be built in South Africa’s gold-rich East Rand region in 28 years. With a currently defined ore reserve of 1.53 million ounces at 4.0 grams per tonne and a 13-year life of mine, Modder East’s target reefs are located no deeper than 500 metres below surface. The mine’s shallow resources allow for trackless mine infrastructure where the underground ore body is accessed via a decline. Dedicated trucks transport rock out of the mine while a vertical shaft provides quick face access for personnel.

Commencement October 2012

Optimisation of the underground trackless mining fleet and implementation of Resource management system.

Barrick Tanzania

African Barrick Gold’s (ABG) Bulyanhulu Mine is a mature underground mine in Tanzania employing several mining methods in steeply dipping ore contained in a number of veins over a strike length of several kilometres. The mining methods include long hole and Alimak stoping, conventional cut and fill and drift and fill. The mine’s ore reserves are accessed from surface via a shaft and ramp combination.

Study included review of mine plan and identification of opportunities to improve and optimise production at African Barrick Gold’s (ABG) Bulyanhulu Mine.

Commencement January 2013

Townlands shaft - Anglo Platinum

Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd (RPM) is situated to the North of the town of Rustenburg in the North West Province of South Africa. RPM mines Platinum and other metals from the Merensky and UG2 reefs, which form part of the Bushveld Complex. Townlands is one of seven Production Areas that make up the Company.

Commencement August 2004 – 2007

The Townlands 2 decline cluster is the existing secondary infrastructure for the extension of the Townlands vertical shaft. The cluster was designed to handle ore as well as men and material from the Merensky reef horizon. Townlands Shaft has a capital development section that had been continuously opening up the Townlands Merensky reserve together with the development of a cluster of decline shafts, to replace the depleted Merensky mining levels in the vertical shaft. This decline shaft development, together with lateral development on the different levels, began in 1999, and was funded through the use of thirteen separate votes, authorised on an ongoing basis. In 2005, it was noted that this total capital development had reached a value (approximately R92 million) that required it to be subject to the normalised Anglo Platinum project approval process.

In order to comply with this normalised process and exercise the required governance and due diligence, a project team was assembled to do a conceptual study of the combined works required to extend the Townlands Merensky mining area from 23 level to 28 level, with the project constituted in the last quarter of 2004 as the Townlands 23 to 28 Level Decline Cluster Extension Project. The completed capital development of the upper levels in the decline shaft viz. levels 15 to 23 were not included in this project scope as these levels had already been handed over to production and were already included in the Townlands Shaft Level 1 production plan.

Mechanisation department - Anglo Platinum

Anglo Platinum’s journey to mechanize its underground operations began in earnest in 1998 and enjoyed some successes and failures. The opportunity to change the way mining is done within the company started here. With technologies evolving and the implementation of mechanization it was recognised that this can certainly assist with the achievement of the companies goals and increased production profile requirements. When mechanization commenced, targets were set for the company to achieve but these were revised in the light of events relating to the strengthening rand and a slow-down in expansion plans. However, the intent to mechanize appropriately in Anglo Platinum continued.

Commencement June 2002

Optimisation and implementation of new technologies.

The optimization of the equipment/technology/system required to be aligned and updated. Programmes categorizes addressed: Research and development, Trackless mining systems, Rockcutting systems and Logistical support systems, Management support systems.

Observations and product/process introduction was used to update designs and guide any further implementation.

South Deep gold mine – Placer dome

The expansion project at South Deep started in 1995. Operated by the Placer Dome Western Areas Joint Venture (PDWAJV), a 50:50 tie-up between Canadian-listed Placer Dome and Western Areas, the project was motivated by the need to locate the shaft system as close as possible to the centre of gravity of the ore body, and the preferred mining option selected was trackless mining cut and fill.

Commencement June 2000

Design and project manage the underground workshop and infrastructure. Mining Fleet selection was also part of the scope.